Core Studio Team

Baron Williams, Principal Photographer

Baron is a videographer / photographer from Collegedale, TN, with several decades of experience in photography and design. He shoots editorial and commercial advertising projects, from hospitality to the healthcare industry, as well as the the flooring and furniture industries, and just about everything in between. Baron was an early adopter of digital technologies in the photography industry, and has a thorough understanding of this industry and its capabilities and limitations. He enjoys creative challenges from studio to location work, with a large crew or no crew. He is experienced with a range of advertising shoots, and is capable of producing a wide variety of promotional and documentary material, from the "warm and fuzzy" to the very technical.


Scott Harris, Production Manager / Camera Man

Scott comes from a construction background in both commercial and residential areas. Being the Production Manager, he follows the process from the time it comes in the door through every aspect of production, whether being shot on one of our sound stages or on a still studio set. Scott brings over 20 years of experience in set building as well as production management. With Scott's experience he leads our construction team in building just about anything our clients can imagine. He also works as a camera man in mutli-cam set ups, for both still and video productions.


Grady Sapp, Media Technology Manager / Audio Guru

Grady was first bitten by the production bug as a 6th grader in elementary school when he was selected to be the stage director for his class Christmas pageant. In high school, Grady was introduced to both the art of photography and media design which led him to graduate with degrees in both Graphic Design and Media Technology. Grady has received multiple awards for his design and production work. Most recently he wrote, directed, and produced a series of comedic training films for an international high school exchange organization. For those films he received high accolades from an international audience. With 20+ years in both the production and design industries, Grady brings a huge advantage to our team and most importantly you, our client.


Corinna Lane, Designer / Food Stylist

Corinna was an interior designer for a large national retailer involved in both home and commercial projects. She is a great planner of small and large events, utilizing strong creative and artistic abilities. She also brings decades of food service experience to our studio, focusing primarily on nutritious cooking and baking. Her multiple talents bring many diverse capabilities to our studio that will enable us to better serve you, our client.


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